Achieving consistent golf swing

Achieving consistent colf swing

One of the important things to understand before playing golf is to have a concept of the game. Having the knowledge what a golf swing is and achieving consistent golf swing are important factors in playing golf.

For beginners, several factors for achieving consistent golf swing include mastering the grip around the club and the body position for golf swing in order to shoot at the target.

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In order to achieve a consistent golf swing, follow the techniques as mentioned below:

How to perform consistent golf swing

  1. Set yourself in line with the flag.

When you go near the ball, look for an object which is in the direct line between the flag you are targeting for and your ball. Visualize a line between these two reference points and put your club face square to it. Stand parallel to this imaginary line. And now you are correctly oriented to start the perfect golf swing.

  1. Grasp your left hand properly to make sure that your club is on the ground behind the ball.

Place it in the left hand so that the shaft lies across the top of the forefinger. It should fit under the heel of the palm to make space for the stability of the club. Make sure that the little finger is around the grip so that there is no room for the club to move.

Also, make sure that the thumb is straight on top of the shaft with a natural grip. You should be able to see two or three knuckles of your hand. You will then have the correct angle of the wrist.

  1. Grip the right hand correctly.

Shake hands with the club and settle into the grip, with the right arm hanging naturally. Fold your right hand over the left thumb. The right thumb hand on the club should be pointing to the right shoulder. Then see if those two hands grips together.

  1. Grip the back of the club correctly.

Different grip styles

Do you have small hands and short fingers? Do you lack forearm strength? Do you find it difficult to grasp the club head and it feels slippery? An interlocking grip is recommended for you.

With an interlocking grip, your hand will be secured and consistent in the same place during the swing. An attachment between the club head and your hands during the swing can be felt tightly because of its security reason. It also provides strength with players who have weak hands.

An interlocking grip starts by placing your left hand comfortably on the club. Interlock your little finger between your second and third fingers on the left hand. This provides you a comfortable hold throughout the swing.

Another grip style is an overlapping grip. It is done by placing your left hand on the grip of the club, up towards the top.  Take the little finger on your right hand and overlap the pointer finger from your left hand when it is complete. This grip is recommended for players with large hands.

There are more techniques in Jeff Richmond’s Consistent Golf Swingology. This informative website consists of various parts that explain different golf mechanics. It even comes with a free PDF file entitled 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking.

Both grip style techniques depend on the player’s preference which will promote comfort and ease of use. There are three different ways to grip the back of the golf club. Choose which ever feels better for you.

One is called The Warden or overlapping grip, and is by far the most common method used in golf. Place the little finger of the right hand between the index finger and the middle finger of the left hand.

The other one is the interlocking grip where the right little finger and the left finger index are locked together. This is a lot easier for those with smaller hands as it allows the finger to reach around the club. This is the second most common grip.

The third and final grip is called the baseball grip and is used by people and children with very small hands in order to get all the fingers around the club.

The rule of the game

If you are focusing too much on building a consistent golf swing, you might forget the rule of the game: fairness. And the official rule book states: “Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair”.

Golf is a challenging sport but it is also important to enjoy it, take care of the course, and respect fellow golfers.

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