Consistent Golf Swing: How to Achieve It

Consistent Golf Swing How to Achieve It

One of the most common frustrations that several golfers share is having an inconsistent golf swing. Having a consistent swing is viewed as the way for golfers to hit the balls into a set of 18 holes with the fewest strokes possible.

Oftentimes, with the same distance from the putting area to the hole, people find themselves having strokes which are either too weak to bring them anywhere close to the hole, or too far to bring the ball away from it.

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To have the fewest strokes possible, and thus greater points, you must be able to master the golf swing consistency, and this article will teach you exactly how to do that.

How do you achieve a consistent swing?

In order for you to achieve a consistent golf swing, you have to come up with a system. Swinging and going at it randomly just wouldn’t cut it,  especially if you’ve recently been very dormant, or simply just underperforming in the said sport.

Below, we list down for you certain key points to keep in mind whenever you go out for a game of golf, in order for you to achieve a consistent swing.

Work on your Fundamentals of Pre-Swing

Before getting your head in the game, make it a point to never miss checking out on the fundamentals. These include your balance, grip, posture, setup, and lastly, your aim. Making sure that these are in check will allow you to properly turn your big muscles.

If you have not been playing for quite a while, get a coach to help you make sure that all your fundamentals are not forgotten in any way.

In checking the grip, make sure that the arrow that lies in between your forefingers and the thumbs is pointing at the right place, stand on a two-by-four, get in position, make it pointed towards the target, aim, and strike. Make sure that the direction which the clubface and two-by-four is facing is the same.

Keep the Turn in Check

If you want to swing properly, you have to make sure your turn is kept in check first. Once the pre-swing fundamentals have already been fixed, the next thing you ought to do is fix your shoulder turn and hip turn.

As a matter of fact, this can be practiced when you are outside of the field. All you have to do is lean your head on either a doorjamb or a wall, get your body into setup position, and then make that turn.

This would allow you to know the feel of your shoulder and hips as it turns around the spine. Take the position for pitching wedge, driver, and 5-iron, and make sure that all the muscles are working together with every turn.

Start Working with Balls

Once you’re thru with all of the fundamentals stated above, the last, and the most important step for you to do is to begin working with the actual balls. This could be done either on the field, or in small golf practice kits which could be purchased in various sports stores.

Get the club of your choice and start with small-scale pitches and chips, and make sure that the hip turn and shoulder turn are blended well. Begin with little swings first before trying the large ones out. Also, begin with a small swing before a long one. This would assure you that the sequence would be observed and obtained in the right way.

While you may be tempted to try and perfect your swing in one go, make it a point to do things slowly, patiently, yet surely. We recommend that you take at most three days doing these exercises, before you move on to other, more advanced methods.

Bravely Hit the Fairway per Hole

With every hole comes a fairway, and if you wish to be consistent, you have to be ready to hit it for every hole. You just can’t pause and hope for rain delays on tough matches. You need something that’s akin to a second serve in other sports, or a safety shot.

Therefore, hit every hole, and prevent yourself from getting hyper-technical with the swing. The less you think about your aim, the less stressed you become. As you hit the fairways for each and every hole, make sure to take a good, deep breath and keep all things as positive as it possibly could.

Keep your ego in check every now and then, as there really isn’t anything wrong with that. If you’re not happy with your current club, then go ahead and change it, if that’s going to make you feel more comfortable and in turn, more confident with every hit you attempt.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Apart from positive thinking, focus is one of the things you have to make sure that’s retained. To keep focus you need to attain “bullet time”. With that being said, keep your eyes on the target at all times, and simply get lost in the game, play in a manner which is fearless.


As with every other sport, consistency in terms of how good you are is something that can be achieved simply through consistent practice. This is most especially true when you try to achieve and/or focus on the last step.

Apart from constant practice, you also have to fall in love with the game, to the point of actually letting things go, and letting them be.

A lot of golf players who have been at it for years could pretty much attest to this. If you are relatively new to the world of gaming, however, you might want to be a little bit technical, and thus play with your head.

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