Offers Effective & Easy Golf Swing Techniques Offers Effective & Easy Golf Swing Techniques

Have been playing golf for some time now? Looking to take your game to the next level? Or you may be an aspiring golfer who has just started playing the game.

Either ways, you have to learn the basics and make sure you adopt the best techniques to excel in playing this sport. Consistent Golf presents its unique Swingology project which is a series of easy golf swing techniques and illustrative descriptions that aim at enhancing the sport.

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The website features a comprehensive book named “7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking.”

This book revolves around the major elements that are essential for each and every golfer. With detailed descriptions that not only offers tips but also relates to the common issues an experienced or a new golfer faces, the book intends to improve the game.

The book has been authored by Jeff Richmond who is an experienced golfer and a known name in the golfing fraternity. Based on his own experience of playing the game and training others, he has compiled the entire book.

These techniques are pretty easy to adopt and practice for every golfer while it is considerably an effective way of taking the game to the next level.

Things That Make This Book Effective

Jeff Richmond has found a number of things that can actually help in improving the game standards if adapted correctly. Thus with this idea in mind he offers something that can essentially offer a quick solution for improving the golfing standards.

He has subdivided in different sections where he speaks about dedicated areas that hold value when playing the game. These key areas are:

  1. Gripping values and the types of grips that can work wonders for the players
  2. Positioning areas and the way in which the impact of the swing could be a lot better
  3. Aligning your hands with the golf stick so that shots are never mistimed
  4. Takeaways to consider when hitting the ball and the swing basics
  5. Importance of backswing and the role it plays when hitting the ball
  6. Transition time in between backswing and after the swing and its relevance

With these being said, the book offers ample details about the sport and how one can swiftly turn their gaming standards a lot better and make it far more effective.


  1. Details about easy swing techniques and how the style of swing adopted can work wonders when trying to improve the gaming standards
  2. Helps in reducing the level of confusion when it comes to the right approach for playing the game correctly
  3. Incudes free videos that are related to the areas written in the book
  4. Tips can help both beginners and regulars to enhance the level of game they have been maintaining


  • It is important to read the tricks thoroughly and individually for proper implementation. In correct steps or interpretations can prove to be damaging.
  • One has to make sure they understand key golfing terms before they go ahead with adopting the prescribed tips and techniques

What Does 7 Shortcuts To Instantly Improve Ball Striking Discuss About?

Golfing as a sport usually appears to be one of the most comfortable and easy ones. However, the ones playing or starting to play this sport would know that like any other sport, you have to learn the basics and master the techniques to prosper.

These are only possible when you adopt the right playing methods and work on your weaker areas. This book intends to do just that and offer a quick solution to enhance the levels of gaming.

There are some easy to adapt techniques that are described, illustrated and well substantiated with videos. The key focused areas are:


Gripping is the most vital thing, hence, the instruction book begins with the focus around the right grip. He offers illustrative examples along with descriptive videos for the right grip that could offer the best strike to the player.


The next area of focus in his book is positioning of the hands and the body. It holds a very important role in balancing you and providing the right power when the stick is gripped correctly.


The hit is the best when you have aligned your body, hands and eye in the right manner. It ensures timely hit of the ball and makes the ball go quite a distance.

Key Takeaways:

This is the area where he focusses around the results derived from keeping the above three elements in the perfect place. He discusses the benefits and the right approach for properly completing the strike.


Backswing is the next area that determines the impact you make on the ball after you strike. A powerful backswing results in a better shot and enables you make the ball travel a good distance.


Here he speaks about the transition starting from where you begin and where you end the short. It’s the balance here that plays the role of converting a successful transition.

Alternative Books & Tutorials

The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing by Michael McTeigue and Jim McQueen and Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons by Ben Hogan and Herbert Warren Wind are the two books which have been written in the same lines. Both these books are pretty effective when it comes to learning the tricks of better golfing.

However, the thing that gives 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking is the year of release. The above two books had been published in 1985 which is way backdated.

The Verdict

Overall, the above review of the book offers deep insight about the way golfing can be improved. These 7 tricks are basically shortcuts that can work wonders for quick learning and improvement of the game.

Its author Jeff Richmond has brought in his experience of playing and teaching the game to develop this book. The inclusions of illustrations and videos is a plus for anyone who wishes to learn the art of golfing himself.

Our Top Pick For Improving Your Golf Skills

Improve Your Ball Striking Instantly!

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