Easy do it yourself golf swing analysis

Easy do it yourself golf swing analysis

Have you been into golf for quite some time now but your performance is still not satisfying? Are you a newbie who keeps on making the same mistake? Which area do you fail? In this article, you will learn how to perform a golf swing analysis by yourself. It will help you determine your timing, swing speed, your grip and other golf mechanics.

Golf swing analysis: things you need

Swing analysis involves the setting up of a camera angle, uploading your swing and analyzing it using the V1 software which is available in the app store for a minimum fee. You can also opt to use The Consistent Golf Swingology. It is an informative resource for golfers of all levels; it comes with a free PDF entitled 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking.

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In setting up your own swing analysis, you need the following:

  • The camera. In today’s modern age, a camera simply means your smartphone. You do not need a high end SLR for recording your golf performance. Your smartphone is great equipment for analyzing your golf swing. A standard video camera can also be used but you need to perform extra steps when uploading the video to the software.
  • The tripod. While you can ask your friend to record it for you, you still need a tripod to keep the camera or video still. A tripod enables you to draw lines on the video without having to move around.

Setting up the camera angle

When you have the equipment that you need, the next thing to do is to set up the camera angle. The angles that you need are the down the line (DTL) and face on view (FO).

Setting up for the down the line angle, you have to put the alignment stick on the ground pointing at the target line. Place the ball on the target line. On the alignment stick, align another stick parallel left to it directly under your hands. Lastly, adjust the tripod, put the camera at waist level and point it directly down the line of the second alignment stick. It should be far enough so it can view the entire golf swing.

For the face on view setup, you need to adjust the tripod to make the camera to be at waist level. The camera should be perpendicular to your target line.

Using the software

The V1 coaching system is a software that can be used for checking for positions in your swing. It is available in two versions – the mobile and the desktop. For longer swing analysis, the desktop version is recommended. However, you need to download the encoder that is offered when you first install it on your computer because it is needed to upload your smartphone videos into the program. The mobile version is used for doing quick swing analysis. Overall, the app is quite difficult to use but it is very useful once you learn and get used to it.

Consistent Golf Swingology

Another useful tool for swing analysis is The Consistent Golf Swingology. It is not an app but it is a very information resource for various tips and techniques in golf swing. It consists of different parts that help you resolve and improve on the areas you are weak in.

Example is the Long Game Improvement Plan which is composed of several parts. The parts cover the tempo, rhythm, timing and automatic golf swing (Part 5), follow through and the finish of the golf swing (Part 4), the transition, downswing, and impact (Part 3), the take away and backswing (Part 2), and the ball striking inconsistency (Part 1).

The Consistent Golf Swingology is coached by golf professional Ben Hogan. It comes with a free PDF entitled 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking. It will surely help with your swing analysis and improve your ball striking.

Tip on swing analysis

To help you concentrate on details of your golf swing performance, here is a useful tip. Try to play solo at your home course when the course is not crowded. Try the “Worst Ball” practice drill. Tee off with two balls.

On your second shot, play from the worst position of the two balls. On the third shot, play from the worst position of the two second shots. Maintain this pattern throughout the round and keep score.

This “Worst Ball” drill will help you make more controlled swings so you won’t get into trouble. It will also help you get out of trouble in as few a number of strokes as possible.

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