How to Get the Best Golf Swing Ever

How to Get the Best Golf Swing Ever

To be classified as one of the top players in golf there are a lot of sub-skills that you have to hone through a wide variety of techniques, as well as constant, and focused practice.

All of these could be achieved by reading and subscribing to various tutorials which you can find online. If you want to know how to get the best golf swing ever, then here are some tips you might want to keep in mind.

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Lower Your Hands; Keep them That Way

The reason why you have to keep your hands at a low level is simply because this would help to also lower the height at which your shots will be flying. In other words, the lower the hands, the lower the flight of the ball. This would give you better chances at successfully placing the ball inside the hole with a single stroke.

In order for you to keep your hands low, you would have to bend or lean forward a little bit more than you would normally.

While a lot of players would be tempted to move the ball in your stance, or pick a stronger club to have your ball flying at a lower level, this would make the whole thing difficult to do. Just keep your hands low, nothing more, nothing less.

Utilize the Whole Body

In playing golf, it’s not just about the arms and legs – to play properly and execute and ample amount of power, you ought to make use of the whole body. To achieve the best swing ever, make it a point to power up the club with your entire body, rather than just your hands and arms.

While you’re not taking a backswing, drag the ball and thrust it in the air. While you may struggle in your first try, time would eventually allow you to get the ball into the air in a more consistent manner.

Get Power from Hinges

This is one of the most common problems that is experienced among amateurs. Not getting the hinges to be used properly would result to the takeaway being too low on the ground.

Also, one of the erroneous efforts players commit to increase power would be to swing in the backswing too far. This would result to posture problems, and in the process, a pivot set in reverse. These errors would ultimately cause insufficient control and distance.

If you want to make sure your hinge is in check, the left arm and the clubshaft angle should be at 45 degrees. The hands must stay close to the ground the moment the head of the club starts moving up fast.

The way to know whether or not you have achieved the right hinge on your wrists is when your left arm, with respect to the ground, is parallel, and the club shaft is perpendicular. This would allow you to set the wrists earlier, removing the need to swing the arms too far.

If you’re going to get the power from the right places, then you would most definitely begin to experience better striking of the balls, and thus a more steady direction and distance across all of your shots.

Observe Proper Position of Thumbs

In order for your clubface to close at the right time, which is something that hookers have to do, observe a thumbs-down position for impact.

Make sure to keep the thumbs always pointing down the ground because it slows down the clubface’s closing, which will help prevent your shots from heading to the left. If you’re a slicer, on the other hand, make it a point to let your thumbs be facing upward, in which the clubface observes a closing position.

Grip the Club the Right Way

Apart from proper twisting of muscles positioning of feet, another thing worth tapping into is the grip. Having said that, the following are some of the grips you ought to observer, depending on several factors. Doing any of these grips basically locks your hands, strengthening them in the process.

The reason as to why you have to get the grip right is simply because the right one would enable you to create solid impact on the ball, as well as improve the hinge of the wrists, thereby improving your overall power.

Interlocking Grip

If you don’t have strong forearms or wrists, and if you have relatively smaller arms, then this is the grip for you. To do this grip, lock your hands together through curling the pinkie finger of the trailing hand around the lead hand’s index finger.

Ten Finger Grip

This is the grip ideal for beginners and people with joint issues. To do so, you simply have to lock the trailing hand’s pinkie against the lead hand’s index finger.

Vardon Grip

Last, but definitely not the least, is the most popular out of all the grips we have mentioned here. Simply fit the trailing hand’s pinkie finger between the middle finger and index finger or the leading hand.


In a nutshell, there really is no single way to get the best golf swing ever. To get the best swing means knowing your current condition, such as your overall health, given that certain grips would be appropriate for people with various conditions.

It takes proper positioning of the body, proper angling, using the right kinds of clubs, and most importantly, years and years of experience and love and dedication to the sport to be able to obtain the best possible golf swings, which would guarantee you to perform better in any game of golf.

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