Golf swing drills: Towards getting better at golf

Golf swing drills

Golf is a fun and challenging game that involves etiquette guidelines that cover fairness, safety, pace of play, and the contribution to take care of the playing course. The rules of the game are rooted in the principle of fairness as stated on the official rule book. To be good at this game, a player must familiarize himself with golf swing drills, golf swing speed and other techniques.

This article discusses the importance and the instructions of how to perform and improve golf swing drills.

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What are golf swing drills?

Golf swing is among the stroke mechanics by which golfers make decisions such as selecting clubs, deciding on a swing and creating the shots. Golf swing has been studied by mathematicians and scientists to create various equations to aid in the explanation of its complexity.

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Why a golf swing is important

Golf swing is successfully and consistently done when the exact timing and mechanics are observed. These factors should be noted from the grip and position of the fingers to the position and movements of the feet. When done wrong at any moment (during the back swing, down swing or upswing), the body might be thrown off and cause a mistake.

Golf swing drills to improve performance

One of the secret techniques of expert golfers are performing golf swing drills. Drills are enjoyable activities that sharpen shot making skills and help you deal with swing flaws, have more consistent swing and even improve your overall golf performance.

Here are some golf swing drills to help you improve on course strategy and impress your mates:

  1. One of the major causes of swing with a poor tempo is when it is too quick and has too much tension. This leads to loss of accuracy and swing speed. Therefore, you need to reduce tension to build a longer, freer swing. How to do it?

The 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking book helps you to improve at golf and enjoy it even more. It lists the different components of a golf swing and shows instructions for how to do each of them. One of the instructions is this:

Place the ball on the ground on the driving range. Your stance should be two feet away from the ball to create a smooth, full practice swing. Then, adjust your stance so this time it should be only one foot away from the ball. Create another smooth, full and tension free practice swing. On the thirds stance, set the club to the back of the ball. This time, create the final swing and hit the ball.

  1. This second golf swing drill enables you to comfortably lift your right foot and balance using your left foot. You begin with increasing the speed of the club with a weight shift drill. On the driving range, create a three quarter swing with an iron; as you complete the swing, lift up your right foot until it is entirely off the ground. You have too much weight on your right side if you have difficulty in doing this step. Repeat this golf swing drill until you become comfortable in doing it.
  1. Step three teaches you to avoid sliding your hips on the down swing; instead, you learn to rotate them. When you slide too much and too quickly, your lower body will become out of sync with your arms. This causes hooks or slices.
  1. Step four teaches the mental focus drill. Imagine that you play a round of golf inside your home course. While on the driving range, create a mental picture of the first hole, specifically the fairway width. Try to hit the drive and notice if it goes to the fairway. Calculate how far it went. Find out if you would have reached the green with your shot. Then, imagine the second hole and try to hit the green and fairway. Repeat this golf swing drill through nine or eighteen holes to improve your accuracy and consistency.

Practicing golf swing drills helps you improve your performance and gives you more confidence in playing. Once you get used to these drills, you will be able to improve your golf experience and make you more experienced and even become a golf pro.

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