Golf swing fundamentals: essentials for newbies

Golf swing fundamentals: essentials for newbies

Do you always miss a hit or have a full body swing during golfing? Aside from listening to experienced golfers, going back to knowing and learning the basics never fails. There are a lot of golf techniques such as the Consistent Golf Swingology which is a rich source of information to help golfers build consistent and reliable golf swings. This article goes back to golf swing fundamentals to remind golfers of the key positions in every point of the swing.

Parts of golf swing fundamentals

The golf swing is composed of several parts which are worked together in order to have a consistent and reliable swing. Here are the parts of the golf swing fundamentals which will be discussed later on:

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  • The Posture
  • The Grip
  • The Swing

The posture

The posture determines the success of the golf swing. As with other sports, posture is the smallest thing than can make the greatest difference during the game. In order to have a satisfying golf performance, you need to have the proper golf posture.

To check if you are in the right posture for the swing stance, your weight should be equally balanced. You can do this when you hang your arms naturally so you can move your shoulders while you bend a little from the hips.

The grip

The grip is the most important thing that a beginner must learn. Many beginners fail to hit the ball because they focus too much on their stance and swing techniques and not on their grip. Golf swing fundamentals are composed of the grip too. The best golf swing techniques are based on the grip which is the best determinant factor in making or breaking the game.

There are three types of grips that are usually done: the interlocking, the overlapping and the baseball grip. The most recommended grip for beginners is the overlapping grip. You do it by placing your little finger on the right and your hand on the top of the index finger on your left arm, all while holding the club tightly. Do this grip constantly so you will improve on your amazing shots.

The swing

The resources will provide many golf swing techniques and training aids but the fundamentals tell that a swing that works well with your body physique is recommended. Also, choose the right club before learning how to swing a golf club.

A good swing starts with the proper back swing where you are able to move your shoulders back as far as possible when you discharge the club forward. Hitting the ball at the center guarantees maximum impact. This golf swing carries the whole momentum of your entire upper body. 

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A helpful resource for improving your golf game is the Consistent Golf Swingology which builds reliable and consistent golf swings so that you can successfully hit the ball straighter more consistently.

Once you have learned and mastered the golf swing fundamentals, you can study and practice more golf swing drills that will advance your performance. However, the difference components of the golf swings such as the grip, ball position, take away, alignment, backswing and transition can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Consistent Golf Swingology is here. It is the study and application of building a consistent golf swing. It consists of instructional videos and PDFs of each lesson that can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere. Get started with seven free golf videos that will help you jumpstart towards consistent and reliable ball striking and swinging.

Golf swing mechanics

Golf swing mechanics are important to succeed in golf. They are categorized into five general sections. These are the backswing, takeaway, transition, downswing, impact, and follow through. If you can be perform all these mechanics and combine them, you are on your way to improving your golf game. Good balance and proper execution in each mechanics, golf swing fundamentals, golf stances, and more never fail.

Now that you have learnt the golf swing fundamentals, you will not forget the basis of different golf swing drills and other mechanics. There is nothing wrong with advancing your golf playing strategies but it is always best to stick to the fundamentals when all else fails.

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