Golf Swing Setup

Golf Swing Setup

A golfer must be able to deliver a great golf swing to get the ball to their target effectively. However, experts believe that golf is a very complex sport and it is crucial that players consider every aspect of the game, from the setup to the impact of the swing, to get everything in order.

If this is your first time playing the game, you must learn that to deliver the greatest golf swing, you need to set yourself up properly to get the right swing going.

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Grip is very important when it comes to your golf swing. It will help you adjust your shot accordingly as your swing progresses. However, some first-time golfers tend to make mistakes when gripping the club, as they tend to hold their grip too tight.

There are three steps to get the right golf-club grip that will help you with your shot. Remember to use the opposite direction if you are left-handed.

  1. Place your left thumb and left index finger on the club’s shaft. Make sure there is a ¾ inch gap between them to get the right amount of comfort. If you have a long thumb, this grip works well for long swings. If you have a short thumb, this grip is good for short swings.
  2. Three fingers and the middle half of your index finger should be able to grip the shaft properly. The V-Part of your hand should be pointing towards your right ear. Your grip should also be relaxed in this step because you will need to release your wrist during your swing to get the right amount of force once you follow-through.
  3. To secure your grip, place your right hand on the club’s shaft and connect it with your left hand either through a Vardon/overlapping grip, the ten-finger grip, or the interlocking grip.


Once your grip is secure, you need to focus on your target. It is ideal to visualize an invisible line when aiming your swing. Make sure your feet are aligned towards your invisible target line and aim your club to your target.


When you have your target aimed and your grip ready, you still need to adjust your feet. Imagine a clock as you adjust your feet’s stance. Turn your left foot towards the 10 o’clock position and your right foot towards the 1 o’clock position. Your heels should be positioned shoulder-width apart. Make sure you do not expand your heels too much and consider your posture.


Once your stance is ready, prepare your body by making sure your knees are flexed. Once your knees are flexed, bend forward slightly to allow your arms to hang vertically but not so much that they are overly stretched out.

The ball must be opposite your armpit with your club/driver opposite your heel. For other clubs, it is best that the ball is moved back to allow you to get in to your stance without problems. Some experts believe that it is best to hit your club down to help you hit the ball away from the target and get the right rhythm.

Your eyes should then be focused on your target to assist with your aim and help you align your swing to the correct angle as your target line. Keep your head steady and keep the ball in your gaze.

Once your gaze is on the target, make sure one of your heads is at the bottom end of your club and inside your thigh. If you are using a wedge, the shaft should point to the middle of your pant leg. If you use a driver, the shaft should be pointing towards your zipper.

Once your setup is ready, perform your preferred swing type and watch the ball fly.

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