Golf swing speed: the ultimate golf technique

Golf swing speed

Golf is a satisfying and frustrating sports in one. It is played in a huge course consisting of arranged progression of nine or eighteen holes. Each hole must contain a tee box where player start from and a green that has the actual cup or hole. Golf swing speed, golf swing drills, and other mechanics are needed to successfully hitting the ball towards these holes.

This article discusses the golf swing speed, its importance, instructions, and more to help beginners as well as not so good golfers improve their skills. Practising the drills help them get used to these drills hence, improving their stance and performance.

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What is golf swing speed?

Golf swing speed, or more technically known as the golf stroke mechanics, consists of pre-stroke in which the golfer chooses the club and the stance, and the actual stroke. It is making decisions such as choosing clubs and shots and executing them in golf.

It play huge importance in golf. In fact, the golf swing speed has been studied by mathematicians and scientists and have developed equations to explain the complexity of the swing.

What is a good golf swing speed?

Generally, a good golf swing speed means guaranteed hitting of the ball and not throwing off the whole body. It is made by exact timing and specific mechanics, from the grip and position of the fingers, to the movement and stance of the feet. Each movement is important because at any time during the swing, something can go wrong.

Golf swing speed is very important. The more swing speed, the farther you will hit the ball. This is one of the important techniques that every golfer should learn. No matter how good the swing technique you have, if you have a poor swing speed, your performance won’t be good or better.

How fast is an amateur golfer’s swing speed?

For amateur golfers, the average handicap is between 14 and 15. The Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) records 15.3 average handicap in 2003 and 14.3 handicap in 2012.

For amateur male golfers, their average club speed in between 14 – 15 handicap level is 93.4 mph. This enables the golf ball to land at 214 yards per drive distance. For female golfers, they have 78 mph and 179 yard drives swing speed.

Why does each golfer have different swing speed?

The swing speed is dependent on different factors. Speed varies because of different reasons from golfer to golfer. The factors include the speed of the golf club to travel from address, to the back swing, and through the completion of the down swing.

Each golfer have different swing speed because of the age of the golfer, his strength level, swing technique, the type of club he is using, and the kind of shot he makes.

Professional golfers can perform golf swing speed as fast as 160 mph. For the average golfer, he could have as fast as 90 mph. And for a beginner or child golfer, he could have 40 to 50 mph golf swing speed.

Improving golf swing speed resource

There are different techniques to help every golfer improve his/ her swing speed depending on the level, age, etc. One helpful resource is the 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking. It is a PDF/ ebook report on the useful tips for amateurs as well as mid-level golfers.

Another is the Consistent Golf Swingology website where the free PDF can be downloaded. This website consists of differ golf techniques such as the effective grips, take away, ball positions, alignment, backswing, and more. The golf swing speed is also included in the Consistent Golf Swingology.

The Consistent Golf Swingology comes with free instructional videos that will help beginners and experienced golfers improve their skills such as increasing swing speed and ball striking. It can be accessed anywhere too so it is convenient.

The golf swing mechanics

In order to have a good play, aside from improving your swing speed, you have to learn the different golf swing mechanics. These are categorized into five general sections: the take away, backswing, transition, down swing and impact, and follow through.

Learn how to do each one of them and learn to combine them. With good balance and proper execution, you will be able to have successful golf stances and performance.

Do not lose hope or be totally frustrated when you have a slow swing speed. There will always be a room for improvement and you will soon learn more golf techniques.

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