Golf swing tips for beginners: how to be like a pro

Golf swing tips for beginners: how to be like a pro

Thinking of a sport to make you more physically active and fit? Well, why not try golf? Golf is a very popular sport that is played around the world. It is played by hitting the ball into a series of holes on a course in as few tries as possible. If you are thinking of playing golf, you have found the right article to provide you golf swing tips for beginners.

If you watch experienced golfers, they look serious and know everything. Do not be frustrated! Even experienced golfers have misconceptions and fail too. That is why this article is also for them to read. Without further ado, let us go directly to the focus of this article.

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Golf swing tips for beginners

There are several factors that every beginner should learn. These include the grip, swing, timing, kind of club and more. There are also misconceptions about the mechanics that most beginners believe which can affect their golf performance.

Misconceptions of beginners

Let us begin with destroying the misconceptions beginners often have about golf. We start with choosing the kind of club because it is the first thing they do. Usually, beginners choose the club they want or need based on length. But there is more to selecting the right club than that.

Choosing the right club includes the natural shot, wind, tendencies, hazards, and whether there are hidden dangers. The most significant thing to consider is the type of approach shot you plan to follow.

Another misconception is to playing against the wind. Most beginners think that wind is their enemy in getting the ball to their target. The wind cannot be avoided so instead of playing against it, play with it. This means taking advantage of wind and using it as a contributing factor in reaching your target.

Next is the improper alignment. Another common mistake of golf beginners is improper alignment. Some beginners think that they should align their feet towards the target, while others align their shoulders parallel to their target. Some beginners even align everything but they still are not able to reach their target. These are all wrong.

The proper way to align your swing is to start with examining your target from the back of the ball. This gives you a good view of the entire hole and helps you aim at your target. Another thing is to set the clubface at the back of the golf ball and align it exactly at the target before you build your real stance.

Tips for beginners

Jeff Richmond shows facts of golf and the techniques of different golf mechanics, particularly the golf swing. He presents this information on The Consistent Golf Swingology website, a very resourceful website dedicated for golfers. It even comes with free e-book the 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking.

For beginners it is important that they know the following golf swing tips:

  • Do not change stance. Beginners commonly think that they should change their stance depending on the club. Well, this is not true at all. Full shots, not pitches, putts, or chips, require a consistent stance to become a better ball striker.
  • Have a good grip. Another thing beginners fail to give attention to is making a good grip. A solid grip is fundamental to being a better golfer.
  • Play for more break. When doing a swing and getting to your target, make sure you swing perfectly. Take time and assess fundamental mechanics. This is to ensure that you get to your target in as few swings as possible. This is the essence of playing golf.

Golf is a challenging yet fun sport. The Consistent Golf Swingology is a help resource for helping golfers improve their mechanics and golf experience.

Another important thing for golfers, including beginners and experienced, is to always remember the underlying principle of the rules of the game: fairness. Every golfer also has the responsibility in taking care of the course. The official rule book states: “Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.” This should always be kept in mind for every golfer.

Beginners should remember these things without forgetting to have fun and have quality time with fellow golfers.

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