How to increase golf swing to improve golf performance

How to increase golf swing to improve golf performance

After learning golf swing basics and other fundamental mechanics, how to increase golf swing speed is the next thing you should learn. This is vital for every amateur golfer who wants to play like a pro or improve their skills. This article talks about facts and misconceptions about how to increase golf the swing to improve golf performance.

As a golfer, you already know that smashing that ball with the club won’t give you ultimate game experience. In fact, it could make it worse. Instead of swinging hard, swing fast. Increasing the golf swing speed should be well timed, controlled and very effective. Here is some advice from golf pros and veteran golfers:

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How to increase golf swing: Learning from the pros

Pro golfers often look like they swing slowly, but in reality, they swing their clubs 10 to 20 mph faster than the swing of amateur golfers. What the pros will tell you is to generate club speed at the right timing.

  • Jim McLean

According to Jim McLean, you can swing faster when you hold the club in two key positions. The first of these key positions is at the top while creating a full shoulder turn and wrist hinge. The second is halfway down while maintaining the shaft parallel to the target line and the toe up. When you swing this way, you will have more stability, particularly with your right leg, and more balance.

  • Jim Flick

Jim Flick emphasizes the importance of the absence of tension in increasing golf swing speed. You can sense this by simply swinging a club on a horizontal plane. By doing this, you can control the club with relaxed arms and hands and with reacting shoulders. Tension free swinging allows natural rotation of the club and forearms which result in a faster swing.

  • Jeff Richmond

Jeff Richmond introduces methods and techniques to help amateur golfers have a consistent and reliable golf swing that smashes the ball more effectively and longer. This is all contained in the Consistent Golf Swingology.  

While there are a lot of factors that contribute to golf performance, Jeff Richmond’s resource help golfers determine what is actually happening while they play. This prevents confusion and helps them improve their ball striking.

The average swing speed

The average swing speed is between 110 and 115 mph. Records show that long drive champions swing as fast as 140 mph, while the top LPGA players have an average speed of between 90 and 100 mph. Amateur golfers have an average swing speed of between 80 and 90 mph.

Statistics show that amateur golfers need to increase their golf swing speed in order to become more effective and better golfers.

How to increase golf swing: the method

Putting into mind the tips from professional golfers, let us look at the technical methods or instructions on how to increase a golf swing.

Practice the “whoosh” drill

The “whoosh” drill is an exercise for improving your timing for releasing the club head and your swing speed. The first part of this article states that swinging fast does more benefit than swinging hard. As much as the club head speed is important, the timing is also important.

Repair your grip

One of the most difficult things to do which can also be effective in improving your club speed is fixing your grip. The right grip will enable you to release the club through an impact, making it faster at the right timing.

Enhance your fitness

Working out has never been a bad idea in improving at any sport. Particularly in golf, even a simple exercise routine that can strengthen your torso will allow you to power though the ball at the bottom of your swing.

Workouts such as elastic workout bands, simple wood chop, tubing punches and other basic torso exercises can result in a big difference. You can also strengthen your chest and hips for more flexibility and twisting power which are both vital for building club head speed.

More techniques can be learned with the The Consistent Golf Swingology. It contains useful facts and tips from the professional golfer Jeff Richmond. It helps you improve your ball striking, determines which areas are your weaknesses, and how to deal with them.

It comes with the free PDF 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking and contains informative videos that effectively demonstrate golf swing techniques.

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