How to Increase Golf Swing Speed

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed

Golf is one of the most widely-known sports, specifically among men who belong to the upper age bracket because unlike other outdoor sports, golf does not require that much running around. The main objective of this sport, however, is for you to tee ground into a hole with the use of different clubs, in as few strokes as possible.

In addition, golf does not make use of a playing area of uniform dimensions, but rather, is a game that’s played on an 18-hole progression, while following a roster of rules, sub-rules, and sub-sub rules.

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One of the most commonly focused aspects is the Golf Swing Speed, with a concern on how to increase it. Having said that, below are effective ways on how to increase golf swing speed, thereby making you a better player of the sport.

Why Increase Your Golf Swing Speed?

A faster swing speed is something that golfers aspire to attain. The reason for this is simply because swinging fast is something that would create a speed for the club head which is effective, timed properly, and most importantly, controlled, allowing you to tee into a hole with as few strokes as possible.

For amateurs, it is estimated that their speed is at 10-20 mph. If you don’t swing fast, or efficiently enough, chances are your energy gets wasted to great extents. Below are some of the things you have to work on in order for you to effectively increase your golf swing speed.

Improvement of Levers

In the world of golf, your wrists serve as levers whenever you play the game. They hinge when you take the club away, and would keep hinged until right before you make the impact.

Proper releasing of this angle is one of the keys to increasing golf speed, as well as using the energy you have as efficiently as possible because casting the club too early would result to energy being wasted. In order for your levers to effectively give you a huge burst of energy, hold it off at an angle as long as possible.

The moment you take the club back, the wrist would fold in a natural manner, as well as the right elbow. This natural folding is the key to having a lever which is able to effectively and strongly generate power.

Therefore, observe proper timing of all executions, and retain the angles for as long as you possibly can. Doing so on a habitual basis will eventually work out to release and effectively strike the ball.

Focusing on Rotation

To increase your golf swing speed, the most important thing is to effectively focus on your rotation. In other words, your upper body has to be rotated against the lower part.

While your upper body would turn at an angle of 90 degrees, make sure that your hips rotate only at half of that as the difference between these angles allow you to effectively generate enough torque and power inside the swing.

To achieve proper rotation and/or twisting, the first thing you have to make sure is that your posture is proper because the ideal spine angle will allow the body to be maintained and set throughout the impact, and thus allowing your strikes to be consistent, making sure you make a good turn.

Make it a point to observe proper movement of the hips, as this would practically uncoil the upper part of your body. The moment the swing is finished, both the lower and upper body will be facing the target.

Allow Lagging to Happen

If you want a smooth and powerful swing you need to create and incorporate lag. This is defined as the angle measured from the downswing’s left forearm to the shaft. The bigger this angle measurement is, the more whip will be incorporated into the ball.

The moment the angle is released in the elbow, as well as the wrist, the swing speed will be increased with the impact. This will allow you to up your swing speed through developing core muscle strength, as well as upping your flexibility.

Additional Aide

In order for you to effectively work out the tips above, there are a lot more you have to keep in mind. Apart from tuning up your body, another thing which you have to finely tune would most definitely be your very own mind because a negative behavior and feeding your mind with negative thoughts can cause you to fail and not excel in the world of golf.

This is most especially true among older people, who, most of the time would feel like they’re too old to effectively incorporate whatever skills they ought to learn. One of the exercises you can do is to do press-ups, which would help to effectively increase your overall swing speed.

Following an effective program is key to reap big rewards, despite what age you are. Moreover, while being old is prone to expose you to quite a lot of diseases and illnesses, the reality is that a few exercises are better than none.


From all these tutorials, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that it all starts with the right way of thinking, and the right way is definitely, the positive way. Think that you’re able to excel and go through all of these drills and you’ll find yourself excelling in no time.

Apart from positive thinking, you have to do it on a habitual basis, because as they say, practice makes perfection. Therefore, the more you are doing all these drills and the more often you keep these drills in mind, the more you will improve.

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