Know the basics of Golf Swing Drills From

Know the basics of Golf Swing Drills From

Are you an aspiring golfer or looking to play this sport for long? Either ways, you have to know the basics right to make sure you are playing the sport right.

Consistent Golf presents its Swingology that is a new project that has been a result of years of research. The website helps in building a consistent and a reliable golf swing that allows you to hit the ball straighter, longer and far more consistently.

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The overall ideas shared up here are aimed at providing important tips and helping the golfers to improve consistently. The moment a person is able to do this, they would be able to score a lot better and enjoy the game even more.

The problem is nothing new and is faced by virtually every person playing this sport. This can be improved by following the basic drills of golf swing which are pretty easy to adapt and practice.

The website is currently featuring a dedicated book that revolve around enhancing the golf swing drills as a measure of improving the ability to hit the ball. The book has been named “7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking.”

Key Highlights of this Book

Jeff Richmond who has authored this book has been a regular golfer and all his tips and techniques have been based on the experience has collected over the past several years. Focused on improving the game of any golfer, the book aims at:

  1. Improving the grip when holding the golfing gear
  2. Areas to concentrate while positioning your hand before hitting the ball
  3. Key things to consider when aligning your hands with the motion
  4. The key takeaways that can be the basics to improve the way you hit the ball
  5. Discusses about the backswings and the manner in which proper balance can be maintained
  6. Focusing around the transition area while hitting the ball

There are a lot more that has be discussed in deep details by Jeff and are among the practical areas that play the crucial role when playing the sport.


  • Offers in-depth details about aspects that essentially contributes towards improving the game
  • Detailed instructions about key areas to work on, hence minimizes inconsistency and confusion
  • Offers check-points about important aspects of golfing when hitting the ball
  • Helps improve consistency with detailed golf swing drills
  • Presents 7 free instructional videos to make the learnings a lot easier and relative


  • Readers would need to be familiar with the key terms of golfing before reading this book
  • Proper implementation of the instructions is very important, improper implementation can prove to offer disappointing results

In-depth reviewing of 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking

Golfing like any other sport requires the right skills too. Although, the sport might appear to be pretty easy, there are technical areas that define the way you play the game. Of course undergoing training programs and with a lot of practice you can master the game.

Moreover, the right guidance backed by easy to understand instructions can prove to be highly beneficial. The book is certainly based on meeting these basic areas. The focus as discussed above revolves around


Along with instructions and videos, Jeff has laid a lot of importance to the aspect of gripping. He speaks in details about how important it is to hold the rod at the right areas.


Following that up with positioning of your hands, he offers tips for enhancing the impact or power you instill while hitting the ball. If you hold the right positions, the ball would certainly travel a better distance.


Here he speaks about alignment. A proper alignment would help the player to time the hit correctly. As per the rules of the game, the player needs to hit the ball correctly when his turn arrives.

Improper alignment might mean that the ball gets mistimed.


Similarly, the takeaways are basically about the end results that can be derived after combining the three aspects mentioned above.


In this area, he speaks about the relevance of backswings. Now it is the backswing of the player that determines the power transferred to hit the ball. The quicker the swing, the better the power transferred.


It is the period before the hit and after the hit. Here, he speaks about the balance and the way your entire hit should be completed from the start till the end.

7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking vs. other books

Like 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking, you certainly have an option to read similar instructional books. “Golf Digest’s Ultimate Drill Book” by Jim McLean offers over 120 different drills that can help in improving game of any golfer.

However, the thing that makes Jeff’s book better is the clarity and single point approach that speaks about the key areas to consider for improving the game. Having too many solutions for playing the game can often be confusing for the readers.

Another book that can be effective for improving golfing swings is “Golf Warm Up: Pre Round Warm Up Drills To Get Your Mind”, Body and Swing Ready. The book has been published by Confident Golfer.

It is pretty illustrative and in-depth but the thing that gives “7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking” an edge over it is the inclusion of illustrative videos. Having instructional videos would definitely help you in relating the texts and instructions that have been discussed in the entire book.

The Verdict

To conclude it is pretty evident that this book can help in learning the art of golfing. By improving the basics and focusing around the key areas, a golfer can certainly excel and enhance his gaming abilities. 7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Ball Striking is your coach that has been prepared based on real life experience of Jeff Richmond.

The supplemented videos that are instructional and offer details about how these tips and tricks could be utilized is a plus for the readers.

Our Top Pick For Improving Your Golf Skills

Improve Your Ball Striking Instantly!

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