Monster Golf Swing Speaks About Golf Swing Fundamentals and More

Monster Golf Swing Speaks About Golf Swing Fundamentals and More

Are you searching for the best tutorial that can help you understand and play Golf better? Being a golfer certainly needs a lot of efforts besides staying equipped with the right sporting equipment. Golf is usually supposed to be a sport of the rich and getting a personal trainer can be an expensive proposition.

However, you should not be disappointed when you have Monster Golf Swing offering free illustrative video with some of the most essentials of Golf swing fundamentals. These fundamentals not only help in learning the game but offers ample information about the approach that could help in enhancing your game.

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This video offers 3 basic steps that can help in improving the gaming standards by player of any age and of any size. Terrance who is the chief architect of this video has prepared the instructions based on years of working experience as a golfer.

These steps and tutorials have been taught to golfers from different works of life. He speaks about how difficult it is to start playing golf and hitting the ball in the wrong manner results in a person losing about 90% of the natural power during the swing.

Hence, it is only the 10% impact which people make due to their wrong style of playing.

Features of the Golf swing fundamentals Under The Monster Golf Swing Program

Some of the key elements that have been the basis of creating this tutorial includes:

Personal Experience of Terrance

Terrance himself started as an amateur golfer whereby his 1st few attempts to hit the ball went wasted. He was only able to hit the ball on his 8th attempt and it was pretty embarrassing.

Since then he made up his mind and went ahead to master the sport by learning the tricks and best approaches. He is today a certified Golf Biomechanic, Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He has secretly helped professional golfers and some Fortune 500 CEOs take the most benefit from these 3 methods.

Simple to Follow Methods and Easy to Relate

With his experience and the kind of results he has achieved with these key changes, Terrance has been able to create an easy to understand video with all the 3 steps that can help people hit the ball 70 yards extra.

The steps are pretty easy to understand as they have been supplemented with videos, real life examples, etc.

Output of years of clinical trials on golfers

The prepared video with instructions have been based on the output received from the clinical trials on several golfers at the sports performance clinic in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.


  • As it is clinically derived and result oriented, the credibility of the steps increases drastically
  • No need to learn expensive golfing gimmicks
  • Importance of swing has been well explained
  • Helps to shave 8 strokes instantly
  • Can add up to 70 yards with minimal efforts backed by minor changes to the style of playing
  • Precision pinpoint accuracy of the impact
  • Can be followed and implemented irrespective of age or body type
  • Can provide great results irrespective of the number of times one might have tried and failed when hitting longer tee shots


  • The video could be a bit long and can take some time to come to the major focus area
  • Could have been a lot better if there were more demonstrative explanations for each step

What are the 3 different steps explained as a part of the Monster Golf Swing Program?

Step one: Create a stretch to create the torque.

As a holistic part of golf swing fundamentals, this step speaks about the case where the upper back remains stiff while hitting the ball. In this case a golfer will not be able to generate enough torque to hit the ball for a great distance.

This way the body naturally compensates this by the arms for swinging the golf club. Most people think that stretching their back muscles is the solution, but this is where the mistake is.

Terrence states that this actually makes the back stiffer and may also cause injury. Hence you cannot get the maximum torque for hitting the ball too far.

The solution is to counter-intuitive and is something most golfers might not advise.


You need to stretch your chest and shoulder muscles here. It would hence loosen the stiff back and help in generation of maximum torque to smack the ball with raw power

Step 2: You must unlock muscles to create a power swivel

Many golfers develop hamstring while playing the game. In such a situation, it is impossible to turn the hips for generating a power swivel for hitting the golf club properly and let it travel the distance.

Instead of the big powerful muscles of the hips you have to use smaller muscles that are not that efficient for providing power to the golf swing.

If you stretch the hamstrings that is normally done by most golfers, you can make your tight muscles a lot tighter.

Hence this reduces the ability to swivel and robs the player with 80-90% of the lower body power.


Here Terrence advices to contract the muscles as a hard for 20 seconds. This will enable them release the contraction and make it feel even more relaxed as well as flexible.

Hence, with tight muscles getting unlocked, you will be able to generate maximum power from the lower body and make a power swivel.

Step 3: You need to train the entire swing as something to create the velocity.

Under this step he mentions that each of the body parts have their dedicated role-plays. Hence, what the brain does cannot be done by the heart inside the body.

Similarly, he mentions that while playing Golf, instead of using the entire body parts, a golfer needs to use the right body parts to generate the raw power and transfer it while hitting.


This can be done when you swing the club using different body parts and not the entire body. This limits the ability to generate maximum velocity.

Like each body part has its role, each of them plays a different role when we play. Integrate the body with the golf swing for improving the golf swing pattern.

Comparing it against other possible tutorials

The entire video tutorial is pretty effective and can be better than any of the other tutorials. This is mainly due to the practical usage and the results it has derived over the years.

Moreover, coming from a reputed certified Golf Biomechanic, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, one can rely on the impact these steps can make to a game.

The Verdict

The inclusion of direct examples and explaining why some steps that are adopted by many golfers are a wrong approach makes this a pretty effective method. The three steps focuses on three different approaches that can change the techniques to actually help in increasing the distance a ball travels by over 70 yards.

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